Established in 1995, Meridian Legal Temps is a premier provider of temporary legal staffing. Our project management solutions are the most efficient and cost-effective way to maximize productivity on document reviews and other projects. Meridian Legal Temps staffs projects of all sizes, and we will assist you in meeting your temporary attorney, paralegal and litigation support staffing goals in every practice area and at all skill levels.

Why do clients turn to Meridian for their temporary placement needs?
High quality candidates
Competitive hourly rates
Flexible billing options
Stringent candidate screening
Confidentiality protected
Alternative staffing options
Effective follow through
Prior successful hires
Assistance with replacements
Flexibility with changing staffing needs
Available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
Satisfaction guaranteed
Added Value & Overhead Savings
A temporary attorney or paralegal for one year can save up to more than half the cost of hiring a permanent staff member by reducing payroll taxes, benefits, recruiting costs and additional overhead. These savings create value that can he used to increase profits, fund other needs, pass savings on to current clients or lower fees in order to attract new clients.
Increased Flexibility
Temporary professionals also add value by enabling clients to staff lean, while still being prepared to handle upswings in workflow due to special projects, employee leave or extended absence, and unpredictable client or department demands. Many clients use temps who are specialists in a particular area, on a project-by-project basis, a practice which can be substantially more economical than retaining outside counsel or referring the project to another law firm.
Reduce Attrition
Temporary employees help reduce attrition by performing voluminous, tedious and low-margin tasks, while keeping high-priced and valued permanent employees satisfied with more challenging work.
Retain Quality & Candidate Screening
Temporary doesn't mean less qualified. We have a wealth of extremely talented and experienced attorneys, paralegals and litigation support personnel from top schools, firms and companies. The Meridian advantage is that many of these highly credentialed candidates come from our longstanding permanent candidate database. And through extensive screening, multiple in-person interviews, thorough verification of credentials and references, we are able to quickly and effectively meet our clients' staffing needs with bright, dedicated, and experienced legal professionals.
A Dual Solution
Meridian is the efficient temporary staffing solution. We help our clients reduce the hassle of dealing with numerous staffing firms. That's because Meridian will work as an intermediary for a client by sourcing through other legal staffing firms when necessary. Therefore, one phone call gives you access to more of the candidates on the market. At Meridian, we've positioned ourselves to handle the broadest variety of legal staffing situations. And, as a dual staffing firm with an extensive knowledge of the marketplace, we can advise you on the best solution to your staffing needs, temporary or permanent.