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Our Services

Let our experience help advance your career.

When candidates work with Meridian, their personal goals and requirements become our most important consideration. Meridian's placement consultants have each worked with thousands of talented attorneys and paralegals, and they know how to help candidates realistically evaluate their existing situation and future objectives. 

Supported by a powerful network of relationships, an extensive proprietary database, and a state of the art applicant tracking system, our placement consultants will discreetly explore a range of available opportunities that coincide with each candidate's individual qualifications and personal goals.

Candidates can be assured that all communication with our placement consultants, whether verbal or written, remains completely confidential, and a candidate's name is never mentioned, nor is a candidate's resume distributed to a prospective employer, without first obtaining the candidate's prior authorization to do so.

To provide candidates with a competitive advantage, our placement consultants are able to:

  • Provide personal and sensitive career counseling advice that candidates need to grow professionally and as an individual;

  • Be flexible and make themselves available to meet in person or over the phone, day, night or weekend, whichever is most convenient for the candidate;

  • Provide resume preparation advice and review documents before they are presented to prospective employers;

  • Ensure that the candidate's resume and application information are presented in a professional manner directly to the appropriate person;

  • Facilitate timely, accurate and complete information and communication between the candidate and the prospective employer;

  • Routinely follow-up with the prospective employer to provide direct and useful commentary and/or feedback concerning a candidate's application or qualification for a particular opportunity;

  • Assist with the coordination and scheduling of interviews;

  • Provide helpful advice and strategy to help candidates better prepare for an interview;

  • Brief candidates about a prospective employer and provide useful insight and background information available on the people they're scheduled to meet with;

  • Draw on our decades of experience to advise candidates during the sensitive negotiating stage;

  • Assist with the coordination and scheduling of pre-employment matters necessary to facilitate a smooth and timely transition into a new position.

Meridian's experience and in-depth knowledge of the legal marketplace can help guide you successfully through the search and interview process, and toward a more rewarding future.