Profile Of A Temporary Legal Professional
  • A person with the same or similar education and qualifications whom you would consider hiring as a permanent counsel or associate.

  • A highly qualified attorney or paralegal who simply wants more flexibility and control over their own work schedule, without the long hours and/or minimum billable hours requirements of permanent associates at many law firms.

  • Someone with a solid reason for being available for temporary or assignment work:

 - Recent law school graduates studying for the bar or awaiting bar admission     

 - Experienced associates who have been laid off due to firms closing or downsizing     

 - Legal professionals in transition who seek to remain active, sharpen their skills and gain additional experience in between permanent        positions     

 - Persons relocating from other parts of the country     

 - Attorneys or paralegals returning from an extended family or maternity leave    

 - At a more senior level, semi-retired attorneys interested in periodic work.

  • A worker with the ability to settle in quickly with minimal or no learning curve.

  • An attorney who recognizes the importance of concentrating purely on the matter or assignment for which they have been hired.

  • A less expensive but often experienced attorney who is willing to do less demanding work that may otherwise seem tedious, repetitive or of less interest to other higher-cost permanent associates, in exchange for greater flexibility and more control over their schedule.

  • A lawyer who can provide experience and/or skill sets that are complimentary to those of other permanent associates.