The Meridian Difference

The Meridian Difference

We're a recruiting firm, not an advertising agency.

With nearly 1.2 million licensed attorneys in the U.S. today, and approximately 140,000 students graduating from law schools across the country every year, finding the one attorney or paralegal that's right for you or your organization can be like finding a needle in a haystack. And passively waiting for the ideal candidate to come to you or to respond to an advertisement may never happen, especially if the perfect candidate is gainfully employed and not currently looking. 

The Meridian Difference

With almost a half century of experience behind us, Meridian has the experience, tools, resources and people necessary to pinpoint and recruit that one attorney or paralegal you're looking for.


Meridian has been placing attorneys and paralegals for over 40 years. That's stability, and that's important because many of the attorneys we've placed are now the partners, general counsels, group counsels and members of senior management who are frequently looking to hire through us. In our fifth decade of developing relationships, we still continually strive to earn and maintain the trust and respect of our clients, candidates and peers. By doing so, we've built an impeccable reputation throughout the industry as a firm that understands the marketplace and puts its client's needs ahead of its own. That's why some of our best compliments come from the least likely sources – our competition.


Meridian is interested in creating legal staffing solutions that save our clients valuable time and effort. Our comprehensive screening procedures are designed to present our clients with a small group of qualified, on-target candidates that meets our client's needs, rather than flood them with resumes. In all cases we aim to streamline the placement process by tailoring our methods to fit the client's internal structure, and become attuned to their unique and specific needs. Often the chemistry between candidate and client, or an internal group, is as crucial as the candidate's credentials. When we initiate a new client relationship, we try to understand the organization or group's style and culture. That insight helps ensure the proper fit as we identify and screen potential candidates. We've also provided background information, confidentiality agreements, salary advice and surveys, competitive information, reference checks and, where requested, interviewing accommodations, all in an effort to make the client's placement process as easy and effective as possible.


Our clients often don't have the time to search far and wide for uniquely qualified attorney and paralegal candidates. But at Meridian, that's what we do. We use the most advanced legal search techniques to identify potential candidates and then vigorously screen each one. To ensure that we only provide on-target and highly qualified candidates, we've found that specialization is the key. Our consultants devote their time and energy to defined fields, allowing each one to become more proficient and informed in specific areas. Equipped with their specialized knowledge, they're able to effectively evaluate each search assignment and develop compatible and long-lasting candidate-client matches.


One of the most important objectives during the placement process is preserving a positive candidate-client relationship. Acting as an intermediary, Meridian can help bring the parties together, suggest structures for difficult compensation packages or negotiate delicate salary and incentive issues. We make it our goal to be experts on the state of the marketplace, compensation, mergers and competitive information, and to be better equipped to advise clients on:

  • The best ways to present opportunities to candidates

  • Appraisals of their place in the current market

  • Positioning themselves to attract better candidates

  • The best strategies for managing attorney attrition

  • Dealing with negative information

  • Hiring the unavailable or disinterested candidate